CSR Activities at Hotels in Sigiriya Dambulla

Sigiriya Jungles makes a considerable effort to support and uplift local communities that live in close proximity to the hotel. By providing employment opportunities and by purchasing local materials from the community, Sigiriya Jungles helps to ensure that the 160 families that live in the surrounding villages benefit from sustainable livelihoods. As a part of its social responsibility mandate, the management of Sigiriya Jungles built a Sangavasaya for the local Temple – Sri Dharmawardana Ramaya which is over 250 years old and acts as the epicentre of the village. The newly-built Sangavasaya comprises of 06 bed rooms, 02 wash rooms and a living area with a Dhana Shalawa for members of clergy. Guests are also welcome to explore the nearby village, should they wish to explore the very essence of simple, yet wholesome living in remote Sri Lanka and participate in the activities carried out by the temple. The Audangawa temple is the main focal point where most of the villagers congregate to fulfill their religious obligations and discuss the progress of the village. During the past one year, SigiriyaJungles has nurtured and fostered its bond with the village.