Special Dining Restaurants in Sigiriya

Among restaurants in Sigiriya, the Jungle Breeze offers a unique dining venue. With its spaces lit up with torches, the ambience makes it an ideal spot for intimate dinners. Barbecues light up the evening whilst guests can even request for a tree house dinner.

The open concept of the Jungle Breeze restaurant appeals to travellers who are bound to enjoy spectacular views of the village, paddy fields and the landmark Sigiriya and Pidurangala rocks, in addition to the refreshing breeze which literally re-awakens the soul. The expansive restaurant has the capacity to seat twenty guests on the upper deck and twenty five on the lower deck making it the ideal venue for private parties, group functions or intimate moments. While the ground floor of the 300sq feet restaurant has bar-style seating with high chairs, the upper level is tastefully designed to include a picnic table for a group of guests or cozy rattan chairs for those who prefer a more intimate discussion.

With a tantalizing array of Sri Lankan cuisine for lunch and dinner, it has additional themes such as BBQ Nights, Pasta Evenings, Mexican Nights and more, to enliven the flavourful experience.

Open on request for private dinners.