Sri Lanka is a tropical island country in the Indian Ocean that faces India across the sea. It has a unique food culture and unique traditions that continued for several thousands of years.
Sri Lankan cuisine is renowned for its rich combination of rice specialties, spices, herbs, seafood, seasonal vegetables, and fruits.

The tastes and the smells of Sri Lankan food are truly satisfying experiences and the unique blend of local spices and coconut milk used in traditional culinary sets Sri Lankan cuisine apart from other traditional Asian cuisines.
Our ancestors used to mix green leaves and vegetables with their meals and they were grown by themselves (Home gardening and Chena cultivation), which plays an important role in the food scene in Sri Lanka. From the most celebrated and auspicious Sinhala and Hindu New Years’ to daily activities and festivals, typical Sri Lankan meals will be served, including milk rice, sweetmeats, and spicy curries.

The central feature of Sri Lankan cuisine is boiled or steamed rice, served with a curry of fish or meat, along with other curries made with vegetables, lentils, or fruits. Dishes are accompanied by pickled fruits or vegetables, chutneys, and sambols.