Paraw Fish In Coconut


300g Small Paraw Fish
50g Big Onion Sliced
01 tsp Sliced Garlic
1/2tsp Sliced Ginger
06 nos Green Chili Cut Into Two
03 nos Tomato Sliced Into Four
01 cup Second Extract Of Coconut Milk
1/2cup First Extract Of Coconut Milk
04g Turmeric Powder
1/2tsp Crushed Pepper
02 tsp Cooking Oil
02 nos Lemon Juice
03g Cinnamon Sticks Crushed
Salt To Taste


  1. Remove the gills & clean properly
  2. Make lines with the knife & add turmeric, salt, lemon juice and keep aside until it gets properly marinated
  3. Heat the oil & add cinnamon, garlic, ginger & onion sliced
  4. Then add marinated fish & cover with 2nd extract of coconut milk
  5. When the fish get half cooked add red onion, green chili, pepper & tomato
  6. Finally, add 01st extract of coconut to make the curry thick
  7. Add salt to taste


  • When you make lines on the fish should not be deep. Otherwise fish will separate when cooking
  • After adding 1st extract of coconut milk do not cook for a long time
  • If you cook for a long time the curry will get watery.