SigiriyaJungles celebrates 5 years

It is with great pleasure that we announce a happy journey of 5 years with  SigiriyaJungles.

During this 5 years, we were able to serve clients from all over the world and have learnt to serve you better every day through a many a motivated stories and comments made by our past guests. There are over 30 employees who are completing 5 years of service and over 300 people have been trained and even working in other institution including overseas.

We are very closely working with the community giving preference to employ within the region and the temple built in the Audangawa village is an emotional achievement by SigiriyaJungles. During these 5 years, we have been very conscious improving Human resource development and contributing to preserve nature and other socio economic factors. Planting of over 750 plants in the premises, sewerage treatment plant, Reverse osmosis (RO plant), strategic approach to handling Food and process (ISO 22000:2018) are some examples of quality maintained to offer best of best services to be an example in the tourism industry. With these experiences and our commitment to the industry through our sister company JourneyScapes Travel (inbound travel company), we will thrive to uplift the standard in our Tourism industry.

We take this opportunity to thank the Government departments, Architect, business contractors, staff and each and every one who have supported to achieve this standard and the recognition.