Spicy Turmeric Rice


300g keeri samba rice
02 tsp turmeric powder
02 tsp margarine
05g curry leaves fried in oil
05g pandanus (rampe) fried in oil
03g cinnamon crushed
20g sliced onion
05g sliced garlic
05g fried cashew nut
05g sultana
02 nos cardamom
02 nos cloves


  1. keep the rice and keep sufficient water
  2. add pinch of turmeric powder
  3. make a bundle with cardamom & cloves
  4. dip into rice & cook properly
  5. sauté curry leaves, onion, garlic, pandanus (rampe), cinnamon cashew nuts & sultana
  6. add boil rice & mix well without mashing the rice
  7. add salt to taste


  • Without mixing the cashew nuts & sultana put on top of the rice to give a better presentation 
  • Also with sautéing the spices, use little 1st extract coconut milk & crushed pepper to give a better taste