A few months ago, the Management of SigiriyaJungles initiated a program showing its commitment towards positive hospitality and sustainable development among the hotel staff. The program was aimed at developing home-grown produce and eliminating waste management. This effort was recognized when SigiriyaJungles was awarded the 2nd Prize in the category of ‘Classified Hotels’ in the Home Garden Competition in the Central Province jointly organized by the Governor’s Office and the Agricultural Department Kandy.

This has further motivated the staff to improve on this venture and take it to greater heights.


The recycling of water – one of the planet’s most precious natural resources – is a top priority at the hotel.All rainwater that drips into the hotel’s drains and pipes is diverted to a nearby stream that is used to sustain the surrounding paddy fields, which in turn supports the livelihoods of local community members.
The overflow of water from the hotel’s tanks is passed through a reverse osmosis system, which generates purified water that is then used to nurture the hotel’s gardens and surroundings. A total of 120 trees have been planted in the hotel’s courtyards; however, hotel staff water and prune an additional 500 trees that are planted in the hotel premises.
In order to minimize the use of electricity for lighting, all rooms at the hotel have been designed to make full use of natural sunlight, almost entirely eliminating the need for electrical lights to be used throughout the day.
The restaurant, lobby area, the spa at the hotel and the iconic bridge, which is a key architectural element of the property, are also designed to make use of natural light and have inbuilt ventilation structures that minimize the need for air conditioners. The hotel also uses LED lights throughout the entire premises so that in the evenings, energy consumption can be reduced considerably.


The hotel has designated collection  points to separate and collect all plastic and glass waste.These waste materials are sorted into separate barrels before they are transported by the local authority to a recycling site. Guests are also kept up to date on the hotel’s policies on reusing waste and are encouraged to drop any plastic or glass items that they wish to throw away into their bins.