Wellness Package NO 6: 7 DAYS – Weight Management, Slim and Trim Program (Minimum Stay – 1 Week)

This is a panchakarma based treatment program which helps to reduce excess body fat such as
Triglyceride. It includes:

  • Anthra shodhana
  • Langana – An Ayurvedic diet program
  • Udwarthana-  Herbal Powder Massage – 60min
  • Full Body Massage  – 60min
  • Head Massage – 15min
  • Steam Bath – 15min
  • Daily routing of Ayurveda

Clients will receive,

  • Consultation with the doctor, a minimum of 4 times during the stay.
  • A client will get one and half  hours of treatments a day.
  • Yoga, a minimum of 4 times per week


Special Rate for Vegetarian Lunch for Wellness package:  Per person : Rs. 600